By understanding how risk occurs and the impact it can have on your business, we can assist you to be proactive and avoid potential costly mistakes in your organisation.

We take the time to understand how you business functions, whats important to you and your budget to develop a strategy that aligns with your business and timeline.

Our practical approach delivers results

Frustrated with
Thinking ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification

Thinking ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification

A simpler approach to streamline the process to save you money and time

Getting certified is only one part to the process.

Reducing business and personal risk, sleeping better, improving your business, saving money and time can be the flow on effects from our smart, integrated OHS certification process.

How we Simplify



Our highly qualified, specialist team consult on all aspect of Health and Safety Legislation,Compliance or tendering that next big job.

Build Site Specific Safety Management Plans

Build Site Specific Safety Management Plans

in minutes, not hours

Contact us now for advice, coaching, workplace and business systems audits

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Just need

Just need

a little support to share the load?

Lets create a solution that meets your immediate needs

Mobile Plant Hazard Risk Assessments

Mobile Plant Hazard Risk Assessments

No tick and flick here

We actually inspect you equipment and provide you with a detailed plant assessment.

Fixed plant risk assessments

Fixed plant risk assessments

To reduce business risks

Ensure a safe workplace with a robust assessment process

How is your business tracking ?

How is your business tracking ?

Organise a practical audit today

to reduce business risks saving time and money

We develop simple to use safety management plans (SMP) we then assist you to implement your new plan. These SMP are built specific to each project with our unique business solution. I performance guarantee, your new plan will meet your tender requirements for 6 months or we update for free. We will call you in 12 months after implementing your new SMP to see how you are going.
As an Organisation/business you are more likely to achieve best practice and improve inclusivity if you arrange for one of our consultants to undertake an Access Audit of your premises. This audit will identify barriers to disabled people and put in place a strategy of reasonable adjustments to improve inclusivity and accessibility. We will also assist in developing an action plan for on-going improvements to accessibility. Acting on the results of such an evaluation will increase the profile of your business, open it up to everyone and may even increase your profitability.
Business system auditing is a means of evaluating the effectiveness of a company's master plan. The ongoing review and maintaining of an effective system is vital for achieving a company's business objectives and ensuring your business survival.
We take a consultative approach to corporate safety and environmental protection that enable you to satisfy your shareholders, your legal and corporate social responsibilities and your obligation to your employees and the environment. At Main & Associates we have a proactive and systematic approach that involves us assessing the health and safety risk to your organisation and then helping you to eliminate them. This structured approach to risk management provides clear checkpoints along the routes to compliance and allows for forward budgeting and continuous performance monitoring.
Our expert OH&S consultative approach is central to our core values. It’s a rigorous, step by step process that involves us assessing the health and safety risks to your organisation and then helping you to eliminate them. This structured approach to risk management provides clear checkpoints along the route to compliance and allows for forward budgeting and continuous performance monitoring.
Skip the tick and flick, get your plant actually assessed by a trained qualified professional to ensure plant safety.



Series 8, It’s not for everyone. I know people enjoy spending hours creating safety plans.

Do it once and do it well. Create site / project specific safety management plans in minutes. S8 is here.…

Keep it real, promote it and then do it. Fake safety never works.

Poor ergonomics can be as much of a risk a lifting -

Safe by design has the greatest impact to ensure peoples safety and reduce your business risks…

How to comply with and what you need to know about WorkSafes Inspection blitz,falling objects at construction sites.

Reducing business risk, is like painting by numbers

Small business and incorporating safety can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. see how you are tracking

Wrong direction? Sending employees to medical examinations

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