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Workplace Bullying, Sex, Drugs & Violence eBook

Your essential guide to harassment, substance abuse and bullying in the workplace Was there a little too much silly over the festive season?Now the party’s over, it may be clear you need to establish company policy and educate your staff on drug and alcohol abuse, bullying and sexual harassment.This e-book provides you with complimentary, easy […]

Where is your Business and Safety compass taking you?

An aligned simplified systematic approach to drive your business into 2015 and beyond to increase profits, build resilience and lead your industry to be a business of choice. Beyond Compliance Integrated Aligned Systematic Aligned Teams Collaborative Increasing Profits Business of Choice Compliance: Innovative We can do better Average is not good enough Systems and processes in […]

Be aware of risks so you can keep your business on track

What are the common risks? Every business potentially faces challenges, or risks. The types of risk can vary from business to business but there are some most businesses have in common and generally can be split into two factors- internal and external. The list below outlines the most common threats or risks to your business. […]

The world of compliance management is changing

The world of compliance management is changing in connection with ISO standards for Quality, Environment and the future release of ISO 45001 for Safety. The question that is often asked by many people is why we need to have so many standards when surely one will do. So how can businesses get it right, without being complicated […]

Free safety signs

This site has free safety signs that you can print. Whilst US and UK focused i have used a few. http://www.freesignage.com  

Safety concerns hit Gina Rinehart’s Roy Hill iron ore mine

Gina Rinehart’s Roy Hill mine has been served two prohibition notices in response to a number of serious incidents reported in the past year involving cranes and elevated working platforms. Western Australia’s Department of Mines and Petroleum is investigating serious safety concerns at Gina Rinehart’s $10 billion Roy Hill iron ore mine. A mining source said major construction […]

Rollover incidents involving load shifting plant,

Please see below Safety Alert from the NSW Government BACKGROUND Over the past several years there has been an increase in the number of rollover incidents of load shifting plant. In the majority of the incidents, operators suffered minor injuries, with the load shifting plant sustaining more serious damage. Investigations identified common causal factors. These […]

Routine safety auditing rapidly degenerates into a tick-a-box exercise.

How is your auditing performing or what are your really looking for? Risks, opportunities or just a tick in the box? We ask! Is there evidence that hazards have been identified? Have workers been trained? Is personal protective equipment (PPE) available? Are procedures being followed? Or should we be asking? Have all hazards been identified? Or more realistically, […]

A gas leak at a fracking well in WA has drawn criticism

A gas leak at a fracking well in WA has drawn criticism from environmental groups, and sparked government concerns about the possible involvement of a “third party”. The Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) has launched an investigation into claims of “a dangerous gas leak” at the Yulleroo-2 well site, operated by Buru Energy. Environs […]
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Qantas tops airline safety rankings in analyst report,

Qantas has again topped a ranking of global air safety, with Jetstar on the list of safest low-cost carriers and Virgin Australia also in the top rung of airlines. Australian-based website AirlineRatings.com put Qantas top of the list based on a range of factors, including aviation authority audits and the carriers’ fatality records. Having had […]
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