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Six ways your business can use tech to win the efficiency war

One of the helpful attributes of technology is what starts out expensive and difficult to use inevitably becomes cheaper and easier over time. That means technologies and services which were once the playthings of the largest companies are now within the grasp of smaller businesses, and often on a pay-as-you-go basis. And for those smaller […]

Remote and isolated work safety, short video

This film outlines how workers in remote or isolated areas are at risk if they don’t have good communication options available to them and some solutions to enable a quick rescue should something happen    

Why CCTV is imperative for workplace safety and compliance

Interesting article ADT Security Director Christian Dorau explains in this article how CCTV solutions at workplaces not only ensure security but also address workplace compliance and Work, Health and Safety Policies. Organisations are increasingly recognising the value of surveillance cameras at the workplace. Work, Health and Safety legislation requires employers and self-employed persons to ensure […]

Six point checklist to manage business risk

In line with keeping things simple, is Onesystem for you?  

Audit – it’s a matter of dollars and sense

The word ‘audit’ tends to incite fear and dread for many people; with images of endless paperwork and never-ending phone calls flashing before their eyes. But believe it or not, a WorkCover Queensland audit can offer positive benefits for employers by cutting red tape and making it easier to get their workers’ compensation forecasts accurate. […]

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