Monthly Archives: April 2015


Hi Vis work wear standards have changed

The new Hi Vis wear standards have recently been altered and many of you may not be aware of these changes. Total Image aims to keep employees safe at all times and minimise risk, by recommending products that meet our client’s specifications. It is important to know what to look for when purchasing work wear […]

A new breed of managers take on environment, health, and safety issues in Chinese factories.

For decades, one of the biggest challenges facing companies that source products from China has been ensuring that their supply chains are clean, fair, and safe for workers and the planet. Companies are regularly forced to defend themselves from accusations that overseas supply factories employ unfair labor practices, pollute indiscriminately, or skimp on product quality. […]

10 things you need to know, Safety mechanisms, will they protect you and people on your site?

We all see the signs, emergency, press, pull here. In an emergency situation will they work and are they located in the best position? By position, I am not just talking about stopping the equipment or activating alarms at one location. In our automated world, we have less people, can a working on the other side […]

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