Monthly Archives: November 2015


Study finds on-farm deaths could be halved through simple safety measures

A study has found on-farm deaths could be almost halved if producers took simple safety measures like wearing seatbelts and helmets. James Cook University canvassed about 120 farmers and fishers from Cairns to Hobart to find out what is stopping them from improving their safety practices. The number of farm fatalities has dropped in the […]

Risk Taking and Rule Breaking

Safe Work Australia recently released findings on a risk taking and rule breaking study. This study presents key material in light of the Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012-22. Work Safe reached out to 1052 employers, 520 sole traders and 1311 workers and 669 HSRs/ WHSPs,┬áto gauge perspectives and insights into the crux of dangerous […]

Inspection program looks at commercial cleaners

WorkSafe WA is conducting a proactive inspection program looking at the safety of commercial cleaners. The program will focus on cleaners working in a range of areas, including cleaners in shopping centres and carpet cleaners. WorkSafe Director Joe Attard said the inspection program was prompted by the high number of work-related injuries in the industry. […]

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