Benefits of safe design

Benefits of safe design

Safe by design has the greatest impact to ensure peoples safety and reduce your business risks.

Benefits of safe design

A key benefit of safe design is that physical, biomechanical and psychosocial hazards can be identified and risks eliminated or reduced before they are introduced into a workplace.

Opportunities to eliminate risks are often more cost-effective and practical when captured during the earliest phases of the design process. The direct costs associated with unsafe design can be significant if associated with, for example, the costs of retrofitting risk control measures, workers’ compensation claims, insurance premium impacts, and negligence claims.

In addition to avoiding costs in the future, safe design has a number of other benefits, including:

  • prevention of workplace injury and disease
  • compliance with relevant OHS legislation
  • improved usability of products, systems, and facilities
  • improved productivity and efficiency
  • reduced operating costs
  • better prediction and management of production and operational costs over the lifecycle of a product
  • promoting innovation.


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