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Are you GHS Ready

Labelling of workplace hazardous chemicals All information relating to the recent amendments to the model WHS laws exempting certain veterinary chemicals from labelling requirements are in the process of being updated on our website. These updates will be complete before 1 January 2017, when the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) […]

Joining the dots: Safety, Systems, Performance and the road to success

Investigations, business auditing and businesses striving for excellence all have common links that we can learn from and apply to our business, large and small. A business with a aligned objectives and targets that applies a systematic approach increases its opportunity to reduce costs, keep its people safe, retain smart people and achieve its goals. […]

Why crane safety is important

Australia is a county that is experiencing great growth and development, thanks largely to our healthy economy and a growing population that needs places to work, live and grow. As a result of this development there are a huge number of building sites and workplaces where property development companies and builders are erecting apartment towers, […]

Risk Taking and Rule Breaking

Safe Work Australia recently released findings on a risk taking and rule breaking study. This study presents key material in light of the Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012-22. Work Safe reached out to 1052 employers, 520 sole traders and 1311 workers and 669 HSRs/ WHSPs, to gauge perspectives and insights into the crux of dangerous […]

Kenoss Contractors fined $1.1 million for workplace death

A Canberra corporation has been fined $1.1 million for safety breaches that led to worker’s death. But the fine will likely go unpaid as Kenoss Contractors have gone into liquidation. Michael Booth, 48, was electrocuted when he delivered a load of material to Kenoss Contractors in March 2012. In June, Kenoss was guilty in the ACT Industrial […]
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Smart business, collect it and saving it

Increasing prices for products is the easiest way to increase revenue, but  consumers don’t always share your thinking and this increase may be the one that opens the door for a competitor to enter your market. Collecting your data and saving your money is nothing new, or is it? Although, the way we collect data has […]

Whoops! Big mistake. Many companies see safety as a cost!

Many companies see safety as a cost of doing business or that which gets in the way when there is a production crunch on. It is also viewed as a program that is aimed squarely at boots – those who wear steel-toes. Whoops! Big mistake. Running With Scissors is a 60-page book that explains how […]

Be Healthy Be Wealthy has blossomed from a small, ad hoc program

Seqwater’s Be Healthy Be Wealthy has blossomed from a small, ad hoc program in 2009 to a planned, structured and holistic program that was named as a winner in last year’s Safe Work Awards. Seqwater believes its program works because of management support and participation, including providing health assessments in work time. A health program […]
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Workers in manufacturing more likely to use the drug “ice”

The Australian Industry Group has said workers in the transport, manufacturing and construction industries are higher than average users of the drug ice. In a submission to an inquiry on ice by the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Law Enforcement, the Ai Group said workers in these industries were, on average, more likely to use the […]

Brain tricks, master this to get your message across!

Thinking beyond everyday and apply to business and safety.    
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