The following has been created to outline tower crane safety zones https://sa.cfmeu.org.au/file/582  

Quarry fined following worker death

Here’s some simple tips: Make a list of all your site risks. Are any of the items listed High Risk Works? Rate these, high, medium, low. High risk works or your own risk matrix to privatise these risks / activities. Engage with your staff and contractors to develop safe work instructions or safe work method statements. […]

No Go Zones For Overhead Electrical Power Lines – Special Provisions For Plant And Equipment

How to comply: Yellow Zone: A spotter is required at all times. Create a SWMS. Red Zone: Contact your power supply company and high voltage (HV) contractor. Only qualified contractors are permitted to work on HV. Your power supply company will issue permits and special condition’s or isolate the power depending on the works. If the […]
Series 8, It’s not for everyone. I know people enjoy spending hours creating safety plans. https://t.co/ZIaygq26pG https://t.co/sqIlyHmsel
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