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OH&S Risk Management

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We deliver to our clients with expert advice offering innovative solutions tailored to all types of businesses. Our solutions are designed to ensure your business meets with all OH&S requirements.

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We are seeing a trend in new businesses contacting us to gain an objective opinion about how their business systems are performing against their objectives and industry best practice.
We have four key options:
* Snapshot
* Focus on
* In-depth
* Certification

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SITE OH&S MANAGEMENT: Assist existing staff to fulfill legal and moral obligations Reduce cost of employing fulltime staff for part time positions Manage project safety
MOBILE PLANT HAZARD ASSESSMENT: Onsite assessments All machines are placed on a database, assessments are rescheduled as required. Assessments completed electronically (never loose a copy again).
TRAINING & ASSESSMENT: Available with nationally recognised certification with registered training authorities. Mobile Plant Operator Competencies Quarry Management
RISK ASSESSMENT: Fixed Plant Mobile Plant Task Manual Handling


Series 8, It’s not for everyone. I know people enjoy spending hours creating safety plans.
Do it once and do it well. Create site / project specific safety management plans in minutes. S8 is here.…
Keep it real, promote it and then do it. Fake safety never works.
Poor ergonomics can be as much of a risk a lifting -
Safe by design has the greatest impact to ensure peoples safety and reduce your business risks…
How to comply with and what you need to know about WorkSafes Inspection blitz,falling objects at construction sites.
Reducing business risk, is like painting by numbers
Small business and incorporating safety can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. see how you are tracking
Wrong direction? Sending employees to medical examinations