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Joining the dots: Safety, Systems, Performance and the road to success

Joining the dots: Safety, Systems, Performance and the road to success

Investigations, business auditing and businesses striving for excellence all have common links that we can learn from and apply to our business, large and small. A business with a aligned objectives and targets that applies a systematic approach increases its opportunity to reduce costs, keep its people safe, retain smart people and achieve its goals.

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The Systems Master Plan

There comes a point in most small businesses when the owner – you
– acknowledges that it’s time for the business to grow to the next stage. The challenge is, how do you do that? More of the same?  Probably not!  You’ve done a great job to get to where you are now, but to get to the next stage you will need a Systems plan.
Set aside some time to develop a vision. What do you want your business to become? How will it behave? What will set it apart from its competitors? What Systems will you need? Decide what your growth goals are and set yourself targets and some realistic milestones by which you can measure your progress. These will include your revenue target, the time frame in which you will achieve this, the number of staff and when they will join the business, the number of outlets, profitability and so on.













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