Reducing business risk, is like painting by numbers

Reducing business risk, is like painting by numbers

Business Risk Don’t worry about trying to do everything today, keep things simple you will be surprised what you achieve.




Short term, generate a list considering:

  1. Things that are important to you and your business.
  2. The mandatory things you need to do. Then;
  3. Generate a list of 5. Mix it up, add some easy targets and some more difficult items. There is nothing better than achieving your objectives.
  4. Now look at how you would do this, do you have the resources or do you need some help? Don’t try to be an expert at everything, an invoice from time to time from a consultant may save you endless hours.
  5. Set a time line for the next 3 months that matches your resources and budget.
  6. Share this information and make everyone accountable for achieving the business objectives.
  7. Review the progress.
  8. Always keep the list at 5 (or any number that suits you). A big list may seem unachievable.

 Good luck.


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